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— all for airbrushing and manicure


all for airbrushing and manicure


all for airbrushing and manicure

Author training courses for high-class masters of manicure and airbrushing: from beginner to professional instructor


For five years we have been providing the most popular and demanded courses and regularly updating our programs. Termish Training Center is one of the strongest schools in the world in aerography and manicure, which offers not only courses to train masters, but also ready-made solutions for your business, as well as career development from master to judge. Many students of our center have already become famous professionals.

If you are just planning to open your own school, our specialists will help you in solving many issues. We will teach you how to work with the audience, help to overcome the psychological barrier when working with students, show all the subtleties and pitfalls when opening the school from scratch, give detailed recommendations for promoting your courses. We will provide the teacher's didactic materials, forms and methods of conducting the classes, will analyze all the processes in theory and practice.

As a result, you will get:
— Ready-made training programmes;
— Mentoring of an international judge;
— Career development from master to judge;
— Access to international level.

Author's programs: Author's programs: airbrushing, nail modeling, apparatus manicure

Ultra-fast return on investment: Ultra-fast return on investment: after two courses, beat off investment

Instructor courses: Instructor courses: Teach to teach

If you already have your own training center, you will get it:
— Cooperation with a major international brand;
— Instructional courses;
— The strongest authoring programs: Aerography in manicure, Nail Modeling, Apparatus manicure;
— Increasing income;
— Ultra-fast return on investment;
— Participation in championships;
— Learning Online;
— Working on Pemium class materials;
— Representation in the territory assigned to you;
— Advertising support for courses from our company;
— Reliable partnership;
— Support 24/7.

We invite nail masters to be trained at our international training center. The program of each course is designed to take into account all the nuances and complexities that may arise in the work of the master. All manicure and modeling courses are practiced on live models, materials are provided by Termish school. We will teach you how to turn 2 euros into 500 euros per month on fast nail designs.

You will get it:
— High quality materials Premium class;
— Unique design techniques;
— Increase in average check;
— Delighted customers;
— Rapid salon designs;
— Ombre 10 nails in 2 minutes.

Our courses

Airbrushing in manicure Airbrushing in manicure

The course «Aerography in manicure» (a special kind of nail) design, art painting, which is performed with the help of specialized equipment.

Airbrushing in manicure 2 level Airbrushing in manicure 2 level

For masters who already have experience in aerography, but lack the skills to create more complex designs and the ability to work in miniature.

Art airbrushing Art airbrushing

The modern world is filled with bright colors, bewitching drawings, painted with all kinds of colors and shades.

Apparatus manicure «European Express» Apparatus manicure «European Express»

European Express is a high-speed manicure technique, suitable for salons on the flow. Minimum time — maximum quality!

Apparatus manicure<br>«3 Cutter» Apparatus manicure
«3 Cutter»

Apparatus manicure is a simple, effective and safe way to keep your hands in perfect condition.

Nail modeling with PolyGel Nail modeling with PolyGel

Basic course on polygel nail modelling.
Upper forms + Lower forms.

Express modeling PolyGel Express modeling PolyGel

Express modeling of nails by polygel. Upper forms.

Coloristics course Coloristics course

This colouring course is designed for understanding colour and its application by those who work with colour in the world of manicure.

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